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Step 11Jewelry (Part 2)

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Short Mala

Tie the choker tightly around your neck (remove your plait from between the string)

Long Mala

1. Tie the long mall around your neck (remove your plait from between the string)
2. Attach both the strings of the Mala to the Pallu using safety pins from reverse side. This is done so that the Mala stays in place through the dance
3. Attach the Pallu to the blouse using a safety pin (from reverse side)


Tie both the arm bands on either side over the sleeve of the blouse very tightly


1. Tie the waist band around your waist
2. Make sure to tie the plait INSIDE the string of the waistband (this is don't so that the hair stay in place)
3. the plait should be pulled out from the top of the waist band to it's maximum like in the image (this is done to give the head freedom to move)


Wear the bangles equally on both hands


1. Tie the Ghungroo securely around your ankles
2. Make sure the Ghungroo's are tied over the Pyjama and the Pyajama are tucked into the Ghungroo
(Note: There are some Ghungroo's that come on a string. Both can be used and should be tied over the Pyjama)

jewelry (Part 2)

jewelry (Part 2)

jewelry (Part 2)

jewelry (Part 2)

jewelry (Part 2)

jewelry (Part 2)


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