Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Drishthi in sanskrit meaning “Vision”. In relation to our eyes it means “sight” or “to see”. The classification of these eye movements are based on how we move the eye balls. Infact we use each of them in our every day routine. Just a matter of identifying with their names. There are eight types of Eye movements given in the shastras:
1. Sama:  Eye kept still without any movement.
2. Alokita: Rolling your eye balls in a circular pattern.
3. Saachi: Looking through the corner of the eyes.
4. Pralokita: moving your eyes side to side.
5. Nimilita:  It looks like a half shut eye. Here one tries to focus the eye ball towards the heart.
6. Ullokita: Looking upwards.
7. Anuvritta: Rapid movement of the eyes up and down.
8. Avalokita: Looking down.


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